Saturday, July 24, 2010

Racism and some suggestions....

This past week was remarkable in terms of revealing how acute the issue of racism still is in our nation. A good woman was grossly misrepresented and abused (I'm not suprised). Yes it was all wrapped in politics but it did show again how racial prejudice seems to always be with us.

If I had the time and the capability I would comment at length on the subject but I am hardly qualified. I think that in some way we all struggle with racial prejudice. Really evil people support systematic injustice based on their belief in their racial superority. I pray most of us are not in that category. I do think most everyone tends to find it easier to deal with those who are "like us" on any number of levels and struggle to cross any kind of barrier. The main thing is to admit our struggles and keep crossing the barriers. One thing for sure we cannot say that just because some progress has been made in terms of civil rights that we've dented the issues of true equality. Passing laws and doing lip service to those laws does not change peoples hearts.

I have already admited that the subject is beyond me. But, sometimes we fine something that helps us reflect and evaluate our own thinking. Recently I saw the movie "Invictus". It's a fairly recent movie about Nelson Mandela just has he became President in South Africa. Everyone thought the world would end but it didn't. Mandela after 27 years in prison forgave and did what was best for his country. I was very touched by the movie and have wanted to recommend that others watch it thoughtfully. This week certainly is the right time to suggest that you go out and rent the movie. Mandela's birthday was this past Sunday, July 18th (92).

Having recommended this movie I also want to recommend a good book (history) to read. I really enjoyed it. The topic is different but you'll also see issues of racial prejudice in this too. I just got around to reading "Undaunted Courage" by Stephen E. Amborse. It's the story of Lewis & Clark and the opening of the American West. 484 pages of rather small print but I had a hard time putting it down. It is really well written and a part of history I had not read about in such detail.

Enough musings for now.....till later

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I am the proud grandfather of four grandchildren. Currently visiting with us are my daughter and her two boys, Jacob & Noah. Back in May our son visited us with the twins, Isaac & Gracie. Vicki and I are so blessed.
Jacob is our oldest and this month he will be 15. Now that seems almost impossible. Where has the time gone. I remember so vividly the trip Vicki and I made to upstate New York when he was first born. The moment I first held him truly impacted my life. I was so impressed with the need for him to grow up with my being a person worthy of his love and respect. He really changed my life. In the picture you see Jacob at Fort Myers beach.
Now I love my children deeply but maybe its the fact that I was so young and inexperienced that their birth did not impact me in the same way the my grand children's birth did. What is it about being a grandparent that is so special.
Jacob had a real hold on us from the start. I well remember when he was very small and he called me from Tennessee and asked me to take him to McDonald's. I got right off the phone and we threw some things in the car and off we went on the over 12 hour trip. He would be there in his little rocker on the front porch looking for us to arrive. Now he is about 6'4" with size 13 shoes ready for his sophomore year in High School, thinking about college and excelling in all his advanced classes. I am so proud of him. He has risen above physical limitations and a number of life challenges. When he gets home from our visit he will head out to on a youth missions trip.What an honor to be his grandfather and my heart is filled with so many memories.
Of course I could write something about each wonderful child but I've focused on Jacob because of his birthday and special place as the first - the one who started all this fascination with grandchildren.
The day will come when my life will end and God willing all my grandchildren will carry on our name, our Christian testimony, our legacy. I pray that I will do a good job at loving them and being there for them while I can. I will never tire of saying, I love you Jacob, and hearing him say back to me without a pause, I love you too, Granddad.