Friday, August 20, 2010

Well Done My Dear Shelby

I don't know where dogs go. For that matter I'm not sure where humans go after death because I've never been there, but people say all dogs go to heaven. If that were true I'd sure want to go to heaven if for no other reason. People want to know who you would like to see first when you leave this life. For me, I could ask for nothing more than to see Shelby running toward me. My brain and science tell me that's foolish but if there might be 1% chance - then I'll hand on to that little bit.

Shelby, my little black cocker spaniel, was born Sept of 2003 and we had to let her leave this life today. She had bladder cancer and was getting worse all the time. She left this life with her head in my hand. Its been a hard day not just because we loved her but because of the love and loyalty she gave to me. She would sit by the door till I got home - she was my girl!
I don't know what it is about dogs but it is something special and beyond words. We could never do for them what they do for us. Oh they are a lot of work. You can't leave them to long. You have to feed them and let them out. The cost a bundle. There's the food, the grooming, the shots, the other meds, and all the dog accessories. You have to clean up after them and there is the endless hair on everything. But that all sees a small investment when they look at you with those wonderful eyes. They love you - they forgive you - they accept you.... wow!

Vicki loved Shelby as well. In fact more than she used to let on. I think she may have had more tears that me. She did a great display of pictures and music on face book in honor of our little one.
Tonight, somewhere over the rainbow, I hope there is a place where Shelby is at peace and that she is waiting for me to join her. I write just to honor her and all the love she gave to me day in and day out. So long my love - you owned my heart! Daddy loves you!