Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our 85th Anniversary

This is the 85th year of the Thomas A Edison Congregational Church here in Fort Myers. In the bulletin each week I've had the statement - Celebrating 85 years of ministry and planning for our future with no end in sight.

At a meeting this week one of our ladies asked a question. Are we going to do anything to celebrate our anniversary? But, we never answered that question because at the moment we needed to finish some really important point - and never came back to what she asked.

In fact, no one has mentioned anything about the 85th year until that time and its almost November. I thought about that a good bit today because I made no plans to do anything special. Then it dawned on me that we've been doing it all year long. We've been celebrating and planning for our future with no end in sight.

A year ago that wasn't the case and we have a long way to go but we have turned 2010 into a year of celebration. Its been a great year of moving forward just as if we were going to be here with no end in sight. I won't recount all the many things that evidence that but I do want to make a point about one event as it comes up in a couple of weeks.

I do not think that there is any stronger statement about our belief in our future than the creation of our Garden of Memories. Creating a resting place for the ashes of our members and their memorial clearly and loudly states that we believe our church is going to thrive. We are planning to be here with no end in sight. Now think about that - without me having to elaborate much - think about the message the Garden of Memories sends.

Maybe when we lay these first memorial bricks in our garden that will be our celebration. Maybe that will be the moment when we honor all that has gone on in the previous 85 years. Maybe that will be the moment when we really become convinced that for our church there is no end in sight.

So my conclusion is that we've been celebration all year long and we do not plan for the celebration to end!

Another Perfect Day

God has been good to me today.

I really enjoy working both behind the desk and manually. Some manual labor I should no longer do - too much pain but other things still energize me. I certainly like working at home but I absolutely love working at church and always have. So the morning started trimming bushes and plants around the church. There is always something that needs trimming.

Then my irrigation friend arrived. We are having trouble in that department and I really like this young man. He is a great worker and very polite. We were able to track down the problems together and get things going again. Now I know what we need to do next on this front. Just glad I met Brandon.

Then one of my ladies came by the church. She had been in a meeting earlier in the week when I mentioned the need for a gas leaf blower at the church. Every Sunday morning I do all the walks with a broom and thus do not dress for service till later in the morning. There she was with one in her car. Guess what - it started and once I find a new cap for the gas the leak will stop and I'll be in high cotton.

Then another lady from the community came by with a picture. It was a print of our church that is all around the area - given our historic presence. We have a copy in the church but I do not have one personally. Guess what - now I do.

Then I took on a job with the power washer which I have to admit I had never used before. It was neat and I got the patio and the Garden of Memories all cleaned and myself all DIRTY. I'm glad you didn't see me washing up in a bucket. But I was having a good time.

Finally at 2 I was able to eat lunch and get into the duties at my desk - about 5:30 my phone rang and it was my oldest grandson Jacob. He (15) called on his own and we had a great talk. He leads his own sophomore Bible study and helps teach 5th grade at his church - plays hockey and is a all honors student. What a neat kid and he has always treated me with such honor and respect.

Once home - I needed to clean the car - the inside went fine and then just as I started outside we got a rain storm. Normal in summer but now not expected. Then, I decided that this is Florida - its 90 degrees and why not so on went the swim trunks and I just washed the car heavy downpour and all - on Oct 28th.

So not to waste the swim trunks it was off to the pool - it had to be close to 90 as well and just what the doctor ordered. Vicki was able to join me the last time before her surgery tomorrow. So now its almost 9 and we still have to plan dinner.

I think I had another perfect day! I hope you did as well.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Perfect Day

Well it is almost 2AM and I'm still up not wanting this day to end. I also didn't want it to end without writing briefly as a means of saying thank you to God. Why was this such a great day?

  • Well there was church business today and it went well. I was there with people I love and we also had many good laughs. It is great to be with people who you enjoy and whom enjoy being with you.
  • I have someone who has become very dear to me and we had so many great laughs from time to time today.
  • I took the bricks for the memorial garden and other items in for engraving today and got to visit with some more folks I love to see and share with.
  • Today God allowed me to open a special piece of mail that so lifted my spirits and confirmed my recent preaching. I was so very moved.
  • Today I visit my oldest member (95) who is in rehab. We had one of those rare and unusual visits. It was so uplifting for me - that was worth the day as well.
  • I didn't get to start working on the parsonage until about 7pm and I did a project till 1AM. Things are coming together nicely and it was nice to get my project done.
  • Oh, today I saw two rainbows - both right over our development. We've seen so many since Shelby died - I still miss her so much but the rainbows make me thankful and I talk to dog like she was still here doing those moments.
  • So at 1AM I slipped into the pool here and it was the warmest ever and the moon was so bright and so many stars were shining. Wow! Thank you God! It was just a blessing after a long day so look into the heavens and say thank you God for all your many blessings.

Everyday is not perfect and that's how you know when one of those days comes along. Oh how God has blessed me this year through everything. I feel so happy and fulfilled.... I don't know what tomorrow will hold but this was a perfect day.