Monday, December 2, 2013

This isn't working for me...

This isn't working for me: Have you said those words or heard others say them?  As we head quickly toward the end of another year let's think about those words for a minute.  It is true that there are things in our life that are not working but we keep doing them anyway.  If they are not working to the betterment of your life why keep doing them?  I know you have to be smarter than to fall for the words, because we always have.  Then there are all the things we keep hanging on to - we become material as well as emotional hoarders.  There is no better time than now to clear out the clutter in your life.  Get rid of stuff you simply do not need.  Stop doing things that don't work.  Do not carry all that baggage into the coming year.  Learn to travel light.

However, look at some of this from a different viewpoint.  This isn't working for me.  Could it be that somethings are not working for you because you are not investing anything into making them work.  You're just satisfied to say they aren't working.  It may be time to walk away from some relationships but could it be that some relationships are hurting because you are not doing anything to make them better?  It terms of church, your faith and your spiritual relationship with God, is it working for you?  Give it a serious look before you write it off.  Are you doing anything to make it work?  How are you invested in the important things.

So it's just the right time of year (NOW) to clean house and make changes.  Do the important things.  Get ride of the clutter in your life.  Sort through and decide what is really important and worth your emotional and personal investment.  Drop what really ins't working and then invest yourself in what really needs to be working in your personal and spiritual life.  

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