Saturday, September 14, 2013

Because of my faith...

This magazine began in 1884 and after the turn of the century became the main independent magazine for mainline Protestant churches.  Earlier this week I found a point of research revealing that the magazine was important in the ministry of our founding pastor, Orvis T. Anderson.

I enjoyed each biweekly issue and the September 18th issues just arrived today.  The current editor, John M. Buchanan wrote something I think is worth sharing from his column the "Editor's Desk."  I share it here:

I ... continue to believe, that the welfare of all is the shared responsibility of all, that government has a role in protecting individual liberty and guaranteeing the equal treatment of all citizens.  I think that government can be a force for good.  To that degree, I am a liberal not in spite of my faith in Jesus Christ but because of it.

I continue to make this point week after week, that what we learn about the Christ of the Gospels should inform and share our world view.  While is may seem corny it does come down to, what would Jesus think and do.