Monday, April 14, 2014

Why we need to built!

Why do we need to build our new addition?  I want to answer that question as best I know how and trust you will prayerfully consider these points.  

First, we are building because we need more space.  The activity level of our church is increasing and we need space for multiple activities and different activities.  This certainly includes classroom space but the space will also be multipurpose space.   Our church is no longer just one hour on Sunday morning.  Added space enables us to also improve our office layout for the vital work Donna is doing.  Having space is important.

Second, we need to be ready for our next growth spurt.  When we had our last growth increase, especially in terms of families, we were not ready.  Only one classroom left us with no ability to have age appropriate space for children, provide a nursery or even begin to think about reaching teens.  When you are not prepared and cannot meet the needs,  people will fade away.  We're considering basic needs in this simple addition.  I believe a new growth spurt is on its way.

Third and most important, we need to invest in the future of our church.  We need to plant trees under whose shade we may never sit.  I've shared that so many times and it is such a critical truth.  We never want to go back to five years ago when shutting the doors was a real possibility.  The only way to avoid that is to change and to grow.  The one thing I believe is essential is to think in terms of having a healthy church in this community that can not only appeal to seniors but also to families.  This church must be thriving long after most of us are gone or it will be you and me who have failed the generation that will follow us.

Let's get this done for the glory of God!

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