Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I seldom blog or post on Facebook any more because part of me wants to stay out of the arguments everyone is having.  It seems in many Christian circles if you do not hold right wing opinions you are not allowed to have an opinion without being seen as an unbeliever.   BUT - there are moments that so sadden my heart that I cannot be silent.

Listen folks - no one is coming to take away your guns - they haven't and they are not even though the NRA and politicians have used this idea to their advantage.

We are away for a vacation and I saw something that just felt like a stake was driven into my heart.  There was a family of Christians.  They were very conservative in dress, etc and the church slogans on their t-shirts made their Christianity clear.  They were not doing anything wrong - simply taking family pictures as they too were obviously on a trip together.  All the generations were getting into the picture.  However, all of the men were wearing sidearms. The father was setting the example and the sons were in his image.

First this made me feel uncomfortable.  I'm not used to this as part of the culture I grew up in.  We all had guns and enjoyed hunting but we do not live in the wide west.  Who were they intending to shot?  Would it be a policeman?  Would it be a member of the US military, which so many Christians profess to support?  It was clear that in spite of their church slogans they were ready to shoot not turn the other cheek. 

Most of all I wanted to know - who is it that Jesus would have them kill?  I'm sorry but you will not find that in the words of Jesus.  You see this has nothing to do with politics it has to do with Jesus.  If you follow him Who would Jesus have you kill?  Now you can be mad at me the rest of the day.